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Wachusett Moutain

Whistler Blackcomb

Steven's Pass





Boston Providence Skydiving Center

White water rafting:

Ocoee River

Rock Climbing:

Rhode Island Rock Gym

Mountain Biking:





What have you done?

I have snowboarded a bit here on the east coast. I would definitely like to get more west coast snowboarding in...Whistler was absolutely amazing.

July 2001: I went skydiving for the first time.

August 2001: I went white water rafting with my mom on the Ocoee River.

August 2002: I rode my motorcycle to Providence to Atlanta to visit my family.

October 2002: I rode my motorcycle to Cincinnati for a wedding.

I used to climb at the rock gym, which is something I want to get back into (it is kinda hard with out a belay partner) but all of my partners have flaked on me.

What do you want to do?

I would like to try hang gliding, maybe the next time I head down to Tennessee?
I really want to do one of the Powderquest tours down in South America. I am aiming for next summer as that gives me time to save money for it and one more winter to get better at boarding.
Scuba scares me, but I want to try it too.
I want to surf also, but Rhode Island is kinda lacking in waves so that might have to wait until I move some place with waves.
I also want to try wakeboarding, which I can do here and out at Lake maybe I can try that out this summer too.

Do you have any pictures from your adventures?

Yes, I do. I have yet to scan most of them give me some time and I will get them up here.


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