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definition of rabia via her likes...

I like waking up to daylight.

I like stretching first thing in the morning.

I like blue skies.

I like the bottom of a chicken pot pie.

I like being the first person to walk across a field of fresh snow.

I like digging my toes into carpet.

I like sandwiches cut into squares.

I like walking in the warm summer rain.

I like thunderstorms.

I like firm ground beneath my feet.

I like the smell of autumn.

I like sheets fresh out of the dryer.

I like freshly shaved skin against clothing.

I like running water over my hands.

I like old beech trees.

I like cemeteries.

I like the sound a peacock makes.

I like the smell of fresh baked bread.

I like slipping my hand into a bag of grain.

I like eating the hot fudge off of a hot fudge sundae.

I like the smell of a chili pepper toasted on an eye of the stove.

I like getting mail (packages, letters, postcards).

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