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rich breakfast curry...



2 lbs - Cubed Stew Meat
4 tbsp - Oil
sliced ginger 5/6 slices
garlic 2 or 3 cloves
1/2 tsp - haldi (turmeric)
2 tsp - saunf (fennel )
2 tsp - chili powder
4 tsp - dhaniya (coriander) powder
1.5 tsp - zeera (cumin) powder
1.5 tsp - salt
1 cup - beef stock
1/2 cup - wholemeal flour - dissolved in water
Onion, Ginger and Zeera baghaar
½ tsp - Garam Masala

Put ginger, garlic, saunf in oil and fry for 2 minutes. Put haldi, chili, dhaniya, salt, zeera and the meat in. Keep the cooker on high heat. Mix until the oil separates from the masalas. put beef stock in with 3 cups of water. leave for 2 minutes. put heat on medium and leave covered. When the meat has tenderised, put in the wholemeal flour to thicken. Put the baghaar in, and add
garam masala.

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